The last week of a Mid-Atlantic October

Winterthur, Delaware is the legacy of Henry Francis du Pont, 1880-1969, American

Mt. Cuba, Hockessin, Delaware is the legacy of the Lammot du Pont Copelands, American



Autumn has moved in slowly. 



It is more that we have stumbled on patches of Autumn here and there.


Winter camellia is in full flower



The golden larch is transitioning to gold



Seeds of the saucer magnolia



The stand of Sargent crabapple is in leaf and not yet in seed


Fall daffodil is in bloom


Late goldenrod is still in bloom


Native, carniverous pitcher plants (Saracenia) 

Autumn 2015-09


Pinnacle hydrangea is in its final flower



The holly is both in flower and in seed which has yet to turn red



The edible fruit of the common persimmon are still falling


Lilac has made a second late showing



Chadds Ford Atlantic Ladies’ tresses (Spirolantes cernua Chadds Ford), classified as a native orchid

(photo from the site of Mt. Cuba Center)



TBD, Mt. Cuba. (Age has robbed me of the name of this plant)


Native blue wood aster, drying



Two varieties of the native grass, hair-awn muhly



Native sourwood, one of the earliest trees to turn



Native obedient plants are in flower




Bitter orange.  Fragrant rind used in minuscule quantities. The fruit is  unpalatable.



Elephant leaf



Toad lily in flower



Seven-son flower (Heptacodium miconioides) tree is in blossom



The red oak in the meadow garden at Mt. Cuba is only now turning red. 

On the other side of the meadow, its companion dogwoods have already turned. 

The grasses are shorter and less colourful than in other years: they are paying for the drought in Spring.



The coniferous ones dance in a halo of their deciduous companions




These flora, these grounds tended with such care,


Clearing underbrush around the lake at Mt. Cuba in very late October


have kept us grounded through this year’s hard October.


We have given thanks. We give thanks.





5 thoughts on “The last week of a Mid-Atlantic October

    1. Thank you Luisa!

      I have to say that these little digital cameras are also very clever………

  1. la plante dont l’âge semble t’avoir volé le nom me parait être la spiranthe d’été (spiranhes aestivalis)
    Toutes mes meilleures pensées à toi Sarah.

    1. Thank you, Louis, for the information and the good wishes. And mine, of course, to you. Sarah

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