Aster (Star)

Winterthur, Delaware, legacy of Henry Francis du Pont, 1880-1969, American

Mt. Cuba, Delaware, legacy of the Lammot du Pont Copelands

Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Jenkins Arboretum, Devon, Pennsylvania, legacy of  H. Lawrence and Elisabeth Phillippe Jenkins, and others. 



Asters in flower.


The  name of the genus of American asters was definitively changed, for morphology, in 1994 from Aster to Symphyotrichum to distinguish them from all but one Eurasian aster.





The flowers of the aster intervene between the end of the flowering season of most native flowering plants and the first show of autumn in tree leaves. 





There are said to be at least 35 kinds of asters in Pennsylvania, adapted to several different ecologies. 


They seem to grow everywhere with varying stalk heights and flower dimensions in shades of white to deep purple.


A scrappy plant sometimes shaped into mounds and up onto fencing and trellises.



with goldenrod


These asters bloom in September; and still in late October, they are gladdening the eye searching for colour become scarce on the ground.








with hair-awn muhly


with black-eyed susans







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