Spring Ritual

Winterthur, Delaware on March 13, 2021

Legacy of Henry Francis Du Pont, 1880-1969


This year, Spring was at least three weeks in advance of the expected schedule when the advance was halted by three snow storms and gale force winds in February and March.


The weather is warming now.



Chinese witch hazel


Amur Adonis

Spring crocus





Smooth-barked American poplar retain the golden leaves of Autumn through the storms and winds of winter.


Like lace strung up throughout the woodland 


Pieris Japonica and an early viburnum


Geese take over the park when there are no people around


Lenten roses 


The Dawn Redwood, a deciduous conifer, continues through Spring, apparently, to shed seeds



The giant American sycamore, filled with cement and iron train rails to preserve its life – already two hundred years old – is an icon of the park.  



Touching its immense trunk is a ritual of Spring.  This year’s Spring never so welcome.


A supplication that its longevity mark our lives also!









3 thoughts on “Spring Ritual

  1. wonderful freshness in the delicacy of the foliage and the flowering; but it was the strutting of the geese in parade formation that caught my attention most delightedly.. A great photograph among other factors. Thank you once more for brightening my computer screen experience.

  2. A stunningly lovely post, Sarah. The battalions of crocus are a special treat. And I can almost smell the subtle scents of the witch hazel. Meanwhile on this side of the Atlantic spring is being coy: we do have daffodils, but still lots of wintery weather.

    1. Thanks, Tish. This Spring is especially wonderful because we have, of course, been literally cooped up and isolated!

      I look forward to your documentation of the change of this season around you. Sarah

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