4 thoughts on “Morning Coffee

  1. The mouth is kind of hard to look at, like the jaw’s broken. I wonder if there’s a meaning for that or if it was a random thing.

    1. I did not find the yawn out of line although I agree that many people don’t skew their face to one side or the other when they yawn……Sarah

  2. I didn’t say that what I liked best is that this is a painting by a Young person. Not out of college yet. I am relieved that figurative and representational drawing are still being taught. That young people still try is a wonderful thing in my view.

    Because I am tired of the conceptual art. It’s any kind of unskilled nonsense being thrown into the museums for us to be told that it is meaningful because there is some kind of political message in it. Currently, it is Pope L: all kinds of silliness everywhere that any Child can do.

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