But What is the Question?


A mural on a building abutting the High Line prior to 2016




At the High Line in the Meat Packing District, NY whose entire real estate – except the High Line itself – has been taken over by  very expensive condominia and office buildings which come right up to the edge of the High Line.







The High Line is the transformation between 2006 and 2015 of almost one and a half miles of an elevated spur of the old New York Railroad in lower Manhattan into a greenway.




The High Line, New York, June 2015-34





The old rails are visible in some places and camouflaged by plants in others.  









On one side a view of the Hudson.  On the other the city.   Elevators have been installed periodically to street level.





High Line, NY, June 2015-2



At the southern end is the Whitney Museum of (North) American Art.  Like a great ship with several decks looking out on the water and the city.





The High Line, New York, June 2015-48




At the northern, the bizarre building called the Vessel designed by the developer of the Hudson Yards to provide a ‘momentary epiphany’ to those of us who cannot afford anything more substantial. It stands hard by a virtual gated community and one of the most expensive shopping malls in the country.










More than 200 varieties of plants, many native, were planted  on the High Line in a design by Piet Oudolf. 





High Line, NY, June 2015-3



The High Line, New York, June 2015-25




Wooden seating of various shapes line the length of the greenway.





The High Line, New York, June 2015-44




Love was not the answer for this mural.

He is gone.  As brilliant as he was, he was not rich enough to remain.

A world whose comfy spaces are, more and more, for the very rich.  







The rest of us jostling for what space remains squished between the trees and the tall buildings.  









With no longer a clue to what question love is the answer because the love went the way of the old trains we no longer hear here.