Zaborski Emporium , Kingston, NY

One of my favourite places is Zaborski Emporium in Kingston, NY.  Three stories of an old brick factory converted to a show and sales place for those architectural elements and domestic accoutrements with which one can outfit a house, old or new.

Long artisanal traditions and millions of hours of thoughtful mind and hand work to create useful and beautiful and necessary things.

The proprietors have always allowed me to photograph anything I wanted anywhere.  I thank them.

DSC00500-1 DSC00499-1

DSC00503-1 Zaborski 2014-09

DSC00495DSC00454Zaborski 2014-02 DSC00477-1DSC00456 DSC00449 DSC00475-1 DSC00447-2 DSC00440 DSC00438-2 DSC00437-2 DSC00434 DSC00449 DSC00440 DSC00438-2Zaborski 2014-04

DSC00458DSC00464 DSC00471 DSC00466-1

DSC00424 DSC00420

DSC00483Zaborski 2014-03


DSC00416 DSC00415-1 DSC00413 Zaborski 2014-05DSC00381 DSC00380-2 Zaborski 2014-07 DSC00494-2 DSC00409-1 DSC00433-2DSC00377 DSC00373-1 DSC00372 DSC00368 DSC00365 DSC00361 DSC00359 DSC00356 DSC00353 DSC00348