Seán Hewitt, Irish born 1990 

in Tongues of Fire published in 2020



For woods are forms of grief
grown from the earth. For they creak
with the weight of it.






For each tree is an altar to time.



No, 185, wood, paint and chalk, 2016.

Leonardo Drew, American born 1961.  The Joyner Giuffrida Collection on view at the Baltimore Art Museum in 2019.


The artist says that he is not a found object artist.  He creates his work in his studio.

He says:  “We are connected to nature and not separate from it.  We are all lived in and weathered.  I do not distance myself from this process.  I become the weather.  It is important to understand the layering, the history, and the nature of  nature…”



For the oak, whose every knot

guards a hushed cymbal of water.



Red oak leaves, Winterthur and a red Oak behind a Florida dogwood at Mt. Cuba, Delaware in late autumn



For how the silver water holds




A small lake below the meadow garden in Mt. Cuba, Delaware.  A red oak in the meadow garden.  Late autumn.



the heavens in its eye.





For the axletree of heaven

and the sleeping coil of wind






and the moon keeping watch.




Full-moon maple cultivar (Acer Japonicum ‘Aconitifolium’), Winterthur Delaware in late September 2022



For how each leaf traps light as it falls.




Hosta in mid- and late-Autumn, Winterthur, Delaware



For even in the nighttime of life


it is worth living, just to hold it.








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