Invocation to the muse



David Wagoner, American, born 1926




Cackling, smelling of camphor, crumbs of pink icing



Judith Schaechter 2015-41

An Invocation, 2009, stained glass, cut, sandblasted, engraved, painted, fired and held by copper foil. 

Judith Schaechter, American, born 1961.  On show at the Arts League, Philadelphia in 2015.

Invocation:  to call in.




Clinging to her lips, her lipstick smeared




Judith Schaechter 2015-48



Halfway around her neck, her cracked teeth bristling




Judith Schaechter 2015-44



With bloody splinters, she leans over my shoulder.



Judith Schaechter 2015-45


Judith Schaechter 2015-43



Oh my only hope,  my lost dumbfounding baggage,



Judith Schaechter 2015-47



My gristle-breasted, slack-jawed zealot,


kiss me again.




Judith Schaechter 2015-41