…..Dissed, dumped, duped, dismayed….


Since You Ask

Carol Ann Duffy, British born 1955



With the Manchester Writing School at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, Carol Ann Duffy has brought together poets to write in this time of  pandemic

Write where we are Now




Scunnered, stymied, shafted, shaded,
shat on from a great height, spaffed, spooked,
shit-faced, seething, skewered, sickened,
strung-oot/rattling, sidelined, screwed, sent
         round the twist,


dissed, dumped, duped, dismayed,
damaged, banjaxed, buggered, busted,
bloodied, blootered, bollocked, bogged off,
off-piste, pissed off, plonkered, plundered,
pillocked, pillaged,
         pratted, twatted,


traumatised, tippexed, trashed, trolled, trumped,
up shit creek, upset, upended,
yammering, yellow-bellied, yukked,
fucked, feart, frit,
         freaked, fraught, frazzled,

queasy, quids-out, quaking, quailing,
zilched, Z-listed, zonked, zapped, zeroed,
jumpy, jerky, jangling, Jeezus,
gobsmacked, gaslit,
         gutted, got at,


cornered, certified, crapped on, cursed,
manhandled, mangled, miffed, mugged, mad,
wits’ end, worried, not waving but
rat-arsed, ranting,
         rending, raving,


isolated, isolated,
loopy, lippy, locked-up, landlocked,
horrified, hacked-off, hijacked, hurt,
kiboshed, killjoyed,
         knee-capped, knackered,


neutered, no-marked, narked, nettled, nulled,
voided, very very very
annoyed, arseholed, anxious, apeshit,
OK, OK, OK. Onwards.






Keep Distance, 2018, oil on canvas, and detail.

Binglin Li, Master of Fine Arts graduate, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Philadelphia in May 2018
















4 thoughts on “…..Dissed, dumped, duped, dismayed….

  1. Love it – especially the “Keep Distance” painting. Exactly – one’s many thoughts these days.

    1. There is nothin’ you can name
      That is anythin’ like a dame!
      There are no books like a dame
      And nothin’ looks like a dame
      There are no drinks like a dame
      And nothin’ thinks like a dame
      Nothin’ acts like a dame
      Or attracts like a dame

      Although……..there are dames who may think differently!

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