Margate, New Jersey: July 13, 2019 at 8.40pm



A friend shared the memory of her summer evening at dusk on the New Jersey shore, not far from Philadelphia. 

Someone walking at the margin of damp and dry sand.

The margins of the sea and land and of the day and night and also of the town on the right horizon and its shore.










4 thoughts on “Margate, New Jersey: July 13, 2019 at 8.40pm

  1. Potent zones – margins. This photo reminds me that I once had a dear artist friend whose work was much preoccupied with ‘liminal spaces’. Some of her final work involved seascapes, though rather less peaceful ones than this lovely vista. And now in responding here I’ve broached another margin – between your blog and mine 🙂

    1. Yes! And also, sadly since you use the word ‘once’, the space between you and your friend who, I take it is no longer alive?

      Liminal spaces, like rituals, rights of passage, symbols and symbolic language, myths and the particular sense in which they are ‘real’ , metaphors, the complexity and interpenetration of the natural world with ours whether we can see it or not seem all to be in the same basket of things which we are losing.

      That is a little American pessimistic, perhaps. Because I note the popularity of poetry of all kinds; the program developed by American nuns at the request of Millenials and younger to allow them to experience the discipline, order, rituals and quiet of the convent for a time etc. And the French who understand all this, crying pagan tears in front of Notre Dame!

      Thanks for your appreciation, Tish!

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