Il Tintoretto

The third of the Venetians to beautify the 16th century city, it would be negligent. for a Philadelphian to forget him:  Jacopo Robusti, known as Il Tintoretto, 1518/19-1594, was born and died in Venice.


This portrait of a man not even yet 30 is in Philly and it is this year the 500th anniversary of his birth.




Self-portrait, oil on canvas, c. 1546/47. Il Tintoretto, 1518-1594, Venice.

Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Photo created by Art Resource, NY for the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC



His work is difficult to exhibit and to display adequately for their size, the complexity of his compositions and for demonstrating the trajectory of a lengthy, ambitious, successful career.

But, so magnificent are his paintings, that, perhaps, I shall try.  Show a few.