Every year, cherry blossom. Like a benediction every year.

Winterthur, Delaware in the last week of March and the first of April, 2022

Winterthur is the legacy of Henry Francis du Pont, 1860-1969, American



For a few days, nobody is looking at the ground where the ephemeral blues have not yet done



  Glory of the snow; and Siberian squill whose petals bend toward the earth



Ipheon (Spring star) preceding the flowering of the  crabapple cultivar in their midst




 Virginia bluebell just beginning to bloom




Hybrid flowering cherry (‘Accolade’)






Sargent Cherry







White and pink Manchu cherry bushes






A second flowering cherry hybrid ‘Accolade’ among the evergreens






Weeping Yoshino Cherry









5 thoughts on “Every year, cherry blossom. Like a benediction every year.

  1. What a magnificent gallery of nature’s delicate beauty and its bounty. Thank you so much for this photographic collection of cheer!

  2. Thank you for posting this absolutely gorgeous representation of the beautiful Cherry blossoms at Winterthur…your images convey all their subtle and delicate beauty. I love the closeup of the Sargent Cherry ( the last shot in that group). I feel like I went to a Sakura festival without the airfare. 🙂

    1. Thank you for commenting, Eileen!

      Where did you post your own photos?

      Best, Sarah

  3. Sarah, You give to us so much.
    Some of the cherry limbs seem synonymous with bold Arabic symbols.
    You bring to us The Exquisite. Your images heal. Thank you

    1. Thank you, Jane, for your compliments, extravagant as they are! Sarah

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