Love 21. In a time of isolation


Tom Sastry,  poet of English and Indian ancestry, born 1974

Before entering, 2017




Try to see clearly what it is you love.




Remember Thine Eyes, 2014. 

Frank Bowling, British born 1934 Guyana. Photo from the website of the Tate, London




Whatever you love, be honest.


If it is your family, more than the world

do not be ashamed.


If it is your cat







The Fall of Man, 1616, oil on canvas.

Hendrik Golzius, 1568-1617; Dutch.  National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC




or the smother of the morning bed 






Blind Faith, oil on canvas, 2002. 

Yvonne Muinde, born Kenya, active Canada, unknown birthdate.  Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia




or a certain goal scored at Wembley in the 1970s
have no regrets.

Be proud of your love.


Bring it to mind. Bring it to the front
ahead of all other concerns.

It is hard to do but not impossible.

Hold it, as literally as you can, in your hands.




Untitled, 1983, bronze.

 Marisa Merz, Italian, 1926-2019.  Loaned to the Philadelphia Art Museum by a private collection in memoriam in 2019





It is touching you. Touch it back.





Putney Winter Heart #8 (Skier), 1971-72; oil on canvas with shoes, mittens, rocks, glove, shirt, nail, rope and tin foil collage

  Jim Dine, American born 1935.  Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington.


The artist recalls the time he spent in Putney, Vermont




Say goodbye.

You need to get it out of the country.

You need to preserve it.





Fabergé egg’ of preserved vegetal materials.  Philadelphia Flower Show, March 2014



‘Necklace’ of preserved vegetal matter, Philadelphia Flower Show, 2011




Write it, draw it, pickle it, cure it,
freeze it, hide it,






ShadowLife 016, April 4, 2013 image file, 2018 print; pigment print. 

David Lebe, American born 1948, Philadelphia Art Museum



                                         bury it,
put it in a bottle,

tell it to a friend,

carry it in the hollow sole of an old shoe
to wherever it will be safe.





A Pair of Boots, 1887, oil on canvas. 

Vincent Van Gogh, 1853-1890, Dutch.  Baltimore Art Museum




And when hope has bolted
into the deepest cave of your belly







Sound of Silence, 1978, lithograph.

Charles White, 1918-1979, American. Art Institute of Chicago on loan to a MOMA, NY retrospective in 2018 



hiding from all the temporary things,




The Sorrowing Soul Between Doubt and Faith, 1899, oil on canvas. 

Elihu Vedder, 1836-1923, American.  Baltimore Art Museum




the memory of your love will have a form





Seen from a Wall in the Memory 1960, bronze. 

Mario Negri, 1916-1987, Italian.  Baltimore Museum of Art




and you can summon it –  






 Je t’aime no. VIII, oil on linen, 1957. 

Robert Motherwell, 1915-1991, American.  Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington




when its lightness feels like an insult,









when you need it most.