Torch azaleas (Rhododendron kaempferi)


These Torch azaleas grow in Winterthur which is the legacy of Henry Francis du Pont, American, 1880-1969.


Hybrids of the Torch azalea (rhododendron kaempferi) bloomed this year when the Kurume azalea flowers began to fade towards the latter half of May.


Kurume in the majority, both, natives of Japan, grow on 8 acres here with broadleaf rhododendrons and wildflowers under a canopy of tulip poplar, American beech, oak and  dogwoods. 




Kurume has a cult following perhaps because its colour range is, by far, the more extensive.


Deciduous azalea, considered native, continue to flower this year through the start of Torch azalea bloom; but are clustered elsewhere in the gardens.





Torch azalea






A shrub which can be either hardy or deciduous, I think these are hardy.

Torch azalea flower in shades of orange, salmon, red, and pink.




Torch azaleas, unlike Kurume, are planted in other parts of the gardens at Winterthur


in a line or semi-circles or in  clusters; and sometimes one shrub alone.



Beyond the native Umbrella magnolia (Magnolia tripetala)

From an American Fringe tree in bloom

From the low-lying boughs of a Japanese Yew 









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