Annals of Love 6: Baby, jive me gust one more bliss


Errata, from Jelly Roll, 2003 

Kevin Young, American




Baby, give me just

one more hiss



We must lake it fast




I want to cold you

in my harms



& never get lo



I live you so much

it perts!


Baby, jive me gust

one more bliss



Whisper your

neat nothings in my near



Can we hock each other

one tore mime?



All light wrong?



Baby give me just

one more briss



My won & homely



You wake me meek

in the needs



Mill you larry me?



Baby, hive me just

one more guess



With this sing

I’ll thee shed






Into You Like a Train, 2000, oil on canvas.  Gary Simmons, American born 1964. 

Loaned by the Pamela J. Joyner and Alfred J. Giuffrida Collection to the Baltimore Museum of Art in 2019













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