Late summer

Apostrophe, a poem by Rachel Boast, British born 1975

It’s better not to move
in the long heat and languid evenings,
or maybe just this arm, looking
for a way of overcoming –

it will do its work. You bring
the silver breeze with you
up from the forest path, a delicate mercy
cool around my ankle like a bracelet.

Still I’m adorned with the fire
of the day. Don’t fan the flames,
don’t call the song thrush over
to beat her wings.







Tanis (the artist’s daughter), 1915, oil on canvas. 

Daniel Garber, 1880-1958, American.  Philadelphia Art Museum



Family Portrait II, 1933, oil on canvas.

  Florine Stettheimer, 1871-1944, American.  MOMA, NY



Interior ‘The Creeks’, 1957, oil on canvas.

Grace Hartigan, 1922-2008, American.  Baltimore Museum of Art




Picnic (Outing:  Homage to Le Nain), 1970-75, oil on canvas.  

Peasant Family in an Interior, c. 1642, oil on canvas. 

One of two brothers, Louis (1603-1648) or Antoine (1600-1648), Le Nain; French.  Louvre, Paris from whose website this image


Picnic (Outing:  Homage to Le Nain), 1970-75, oil on canvas.  

Larry Day, 1921-1998, American.  Woodmere Museum of Art, Philadelphia.




Swimmer, Mississippi, 1997, silver gelatin print. 

 Allen Frame, American born 1951.  Baltimore Art Museum




Where summer ripens at all hours, 2019, oil and acrylic on canvas. 

Angela Fraleigh, born 1976 (nationality not given). Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington




A Sunburst Restrained, 2019, collage with Japanese paper and watercolour on canvas.

Maria Berrio, Colombian born 1982. National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC










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  1. Warmth, joy, companionship all shining brightly in these collected images. Thank you for brightening our seeing with this gathering.

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