2. Sorrow

Donald Justice, 1925-2004, American





Orpheus hesitated beside the black river.



Cosimo I  de Medici, Duke of Florence as Orpheus, oil on panel, 1537-39. 

Angelo Bronzini, 1503-1572. Oil on panel. Philadelphia Museum of Art




With so much to look forward to he looked back. 




A Lady Writing, 1665, oil on canvas. 

Johannes Vermeer, 1632-1675, Dutch.  National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC





Reflections, black and red chalk on textured paper, 1871. 

Frederick Sandys, 1824-1904, British.  Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington. 

An actress who became the artist’s common-law wife, mother of his ten children, raised under a different name from his.






Miss Amelia Van Buren, oil on canvas, 1891. 

Thomas Eakins, 1844-1916, American.  The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC







Portrait of Clino,  1963, painted tissue paper on stainless steel;,

Michelangelo Pistoletto, born 1933, Italy. Private Collection on loan to the Philadelphia Art Museum I do not recall when





Georgia O’Keefe, c. 1944, gelatin silver print. 

Henri Marceau, 1896-1969, American.  Philadelphia Art Museum





Brian, the Boy with 4 Small Dogs, 1982, colored lithograph.

Margo Humphrey, born 1941, American.  Philadelphia Museum of Art






Man in a Landscape; 1986; cyanotype and gum bichromate print;.

Sarah Van Keuren, 1943, American.  Philadelphia Musuem of Art





Krasner, 2002, woodcut.

Dan Miller, American born 1928.  Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia






Wall painting at 3rd and South, Philadelphia. 

Unknown painter and date. Overpainted  in 2016






The  print-maker and artist, Dox Thrash, 1893-1965, portrayed by the artists of the Philadelphia Mural Program on a wall at 17th and Girard, Philadelphia, 2015





Planes, Rockets and the Spaces In Between, 2018, oil on canvas. 

Amy Sherald, American born 1973.  Baltimore Art Museum





A Cure,  oil on linen, 2018, 

 Arthur Haywood, American born 1990.  Woodmere Museum of Art Juried Show in 2021






An Angel at my Table, oil on linen over panel, 2018

Miriam Escofet,  British born 1965 Spain. National Portrait Gallery, London BP Portrait Award 2018.


A portrait of the artist’s mother.  The artist painted a slight movement of a plate on the bottom right of the table – moving the way of her mother’s turned face – to denote the passing of time.





We think he sang then but the song is lost. 

At least he had seen once more the beloved



 I say the song went this way: O prolong

               Now the sorrow if that is all there is to prolong.





Prometheus Bound II, plaster original 1944, cast 1948, bronze.

  Gerhardt Marcks, 1889-1981, German.  Baltimore Art Museum





Donald Justice, 1925-2004, American


There is a gold light in certain old paintings

That represents a diffusion of sunlight.

It is like happiness, when we are happy.

It comes from everywhere and from nowhere at once, this light,

              And the poor soldiers sprawled at the foot of the cross

              Share in its charity equally with the cross.


3.  WORK

The world is very dusty, uncle.  Let us work.

One day the sickness shall pass from the earth for good.

The orchard will bloom; someone will play the guitar. 

Our work will be seen  as strong and clean and good.

           And all that we suffered through having existed

           Shall be forgotten as though it had never existed.

5 thoughts on “2. Sorrow

    1. And to you, also, Luisa!
      For us Ethiopians, the season will not be so festive. We have unresolved civil war. We have famine and Covid, of course. We seem slowly to be inching to a consolidation of the state but it has taken thousands of dead. So we are anxious and sad and hope against hope for peace.


      1. I am really sad for what you tell me. We know that there are many problems in the world, but until they touch the people who are dear to us, as you are to me, they remain distant even if painful.
        Therefore, I renew my good wishes and the hope that slowly things may improve💕💕💕

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