Grateful for Summer



Grateful for Summer, 2006, acrylic on birch plywood. 

Linda Lee Alter, American born 1939.  Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts




Some of the purple-lilac-lavender-blues in flower from March until late October in the metropolitan Philadelphia area.


Every year a glory.



Stokes Aster, Mt. Cuba, DE

Bigleaf hydrangea, Longwood Gardens, PA


Italian windflower, Winterthur, DE


Virginia bluebell, Mt. Cuba, DE


Siberian squill, Winterthur, DE


Glory of the snow, Winterthur, DE


A variety of columbine, Longwood, PA


A variety of iris, Winterthur, DE

A cultivar of the Butterfly bush, Gibraltar, DE


Poppy-flowered anemone (Anemone coronaria), Longwood Gardens, PA


A form of capsicum, Winterthur, DE; a deep purple



Purple dome New England aster, Jenkins Arboretum, PA


Varieties of native (hardy)wisteria developed by Longwood, PA growing at Mt. Cuba, DE



Rosa ‘Veilchenbrau’, a hybrid multiflora rose. 

Morris Arboretum, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia



Field thistle, Mt. Cuba, DE



Wild geraranium, Mt. Cuba, DE


Closed bottle gentian, Mt. Cuba, DE.  The flower’s petals are closed and insects maneouver their way in from the base of the flower



a variety of salvia, Winterthur, DE



Dwarf morning glory



Jacobs-Ladder (Polemonium reptans), Mt. Cuba, DE


A variety of giant allium growing at the Philadelphia Art Museum


Barbara’s Buttons (Marshallia grandiflora).  Mt. Cuba, DE


A variety of native iris:  Iris versicolor.  Mt. Cuba, DE


Blue thistle, Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia


Moss phlox, Mt. Cuba, DE


A variety of hydrangea, Arden DE


Anise Hyssop, fragrant leaves, many varieties, native



Perennials 2015-19

Spike gayfeather, Mt. Cuba, DE


A variety of dwarf lobelia, Jenkins Arboretum, PA


Blue Flax (Heliophila coronopifolia), South African mustard family, Longwood, PA


Petunia, deep purple, growing in an urban garden in Philadelphia