6 thoughts on “David Redpath and Multiple Michael have been drinking first-class Spanish Kool Aid……

    1. David, this was an enticing post! Unfortunately I am not able – for obscure reasons – to reblog directly from Multiple Michael’s posts…..Sarah

      1. Thanks for the reblog, Sarah 🙏
        The Placebo Diaries are a collaboration
        of poetic chitter-chatter between Michael
        and myself. Most of the artworks are
        Michael’s and can be found on his site,
        but the poetry collaborations are posted
        on my Highway of Bloggery 😎

      2. Yes. I was commenting only that I cannot reblog Michael’s blog; only yours. Sarah

  1. Hello Sarah, I just wanted to say your site is so wonderful! What a treasure chest. Your terrific pages on the Modernists at the Loom came up in my feed on my phone and now I can’t sleep its so enthralling! Thank you

    1. Celia: thank you for your appreciative comment!

      I love textiles and try to post them as often as I can because textiles always seem to take a second place to other ‘crafts’ like furniture or ceramics! But I love it all, of course.


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