In a Shower of Yellow Spike Winterhazel

Winterthur Park, March 29, 2021

Legacy of Henry Francis du Pont, 1880-1969, American



The Glory-of-the-Snow still lording it over its grounds, flashing its incredible purple from the caverns of trees and trying to climb their trunks




The whole earth must turn blue for the earth-crawlers


It is when you come to the seat wreathed in Forsythia in full bloom, from which the Glory-of-the-Snow, nevertheless tries to seduce your eyes…..




….it is, as I say, when you feel invited to take in the forsythia sun




that you know that you are being invited to the perennial display directly opposite across the little roadway






of lemon, pinks in several hues, and greens:

the grey-greens of deciduous bushes yet to bloom; and the dark greens of the conifers:






The yellow is a less fierce yellow than that of the Forsythia. 

Otherwise you might fall down under the rain of Yellow Spike Winterhazel




The early Korean Rhododendron turns as if to look at you





and you look down in turn.  There the bowing Lenten Roses are swaying





and the first Spanish Bluebell that you have seen, clings to its solitary perch…….




Goodbye Glories! you think.



Looking back to the Forsythia in the distance




Raising your eyes over a cliff edge of a vast cherry tree trunk running parallel to the ground, 





you find yourself in the land of the pinks, pink-and whites.  No yellows.  No blues.



Early Korean Rhododendron



Viburnum, white and pink-and white



White Manchu Cherry trees




Below, Star Magnolia beginning to bloom beyond the ornamental metal flowers




The tree canopy unchanged since winter.  Not visibly changed.



Thank goodness, you think.  





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