Women: 1. BIRTH to PUBERTY




From Birth to Puberty more or less 




Newborn (I), white marble, 1915.

Constantine Brancusi, 1876-1957, Philadelphia Art Museum





Detail of an embroidered bedcover made in New England, USA between 1800 and 1825, wool on wool.  Winterthur, Delaware






Portrait of Madame Augustin Rollin and Baby Marcelle, 1888/89, oil on canvas. 

Vincent van Gogh, 1853-1890, Dutch.  Philadelphia Art Museum






Nancy and the Twins, 1971, oil on canvas.

  Alice Neel, 1900-1984, American.  Baltimore Art Museum





Mother and Child, onyx, 1995. 

Elizabeth Catlett, 1915-2012, American.  Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia







Mother and Child II, bronze, 1940-45.

  Jacques Lipchitz, American born Lithuania, 1891-1973.  Baltimore Art Museum





Washerwoman and Child, 1886, oil on canvas. 

Auguste Renoir, 1841-1919, French.  Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia

An unusual palette for this artist.




Marguerite Thérèse (Margot) Berard (1874-1956), oil on canvas. 

Auguste Renoir, 1841-1919, French.  Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY





Emma Van Name, c. 1805, oil on canvas. 

Joshua Johnson, 1763-c.1824, American.  Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY





Anna Walraven, c. 1850, oil on board.  Artist unknown, Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington

The little girl is holding a daguerreotype portrait of her family.








Portrait of Sophie Cassirer, 1906, oil on canvas. 

Lovis Corinth, 1858-1925, German.  Philadelphia Museum of Art





The Leader, oil on canvas, 2020

Madison Greiner, graduate in a Penn certification program in 2020 at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia.  No other details.





Wild Haired Doll with Roses, 2008, watercolour on paper. 

Eileen Goodman, American born 1937.  Private collection on display at the Woodmere Museum, Philadelphia in 2015







Self-Portrait Aged 5 With Doll, 1966.  Oil on canvas with doll. 

Adrian Piper, American born 1948. 

Loaned to MOMA in the spring/summer 2018 by the Adrian Piper Research Archive Foundation Berlin.

The artist has ancestors who are both black and white.  She says she is black  and has lived as a Black woman.  She has had to flee, in her words, ‘for her life’ to Berlin where she now lives.






A Quick Nap, 1952, oil on canvas. 

Walter Henry Williams, 1920-1998, American.  Baltimore Art Museum







Hide and Seek, 1888, oil on canvas. 

William Merritt Chase, 1849-1916, American.  Phillips Collection, Washington, DC






Hide and Seek, 1940-42, oil on canvas. 

Pavel Tchelitchew,  American born Russia, 1898-1957.  MOMA, NY.  Viewers are reflected in this image.




Traces:  Big Beach Baby, 2001, cotton.  Lia Cook, American born 1942.  Smithsonian Renwick Museum, Washington, DC

The artist paints strips of fabric which she then weaves together with a computer-aided handloom.






James William and his Granddaughter, oil on canvas, 1850. 

William Henry Millais, 1828-1889, British.  Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington. 

James William was a frame maker in Oxford, UK and worked with some of the pre-Raphaelites.







Autobiography, 1999, stained and painted glass. 

Judith Schaechter, American born 1961.  Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Philadelphia







Portrait of Marianne Holbech, 1781-82, oil on canvas.

George Romney, 1734-1802, English.  Philadelphia Museum of Art





Girl on a Swing, 2004, oil on linen. 

Cecily Brown, American, born 1969.  National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC






The Concert, 1890, oil on canvas. 

Helen Corson Hovenden, 1846-1935, American.  Woodmere Museum of Art, Philadelphia






The Tub, cast 1920, bronze. 

Edgar Degas, 1834-1917, French.  Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY





When She Was a Little Girl, 1918, oil on canvas. 

Lilian Westcott Hale, 1880-1963, American.  Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia






Standing Holy Water, 1876-1921, photo of unknown provenance. 

Daughter of Chief Sitting Bull of the Hunkpapa Lakota, and of Seen By The Nation; later wife of Urban Spotted Horse, mother of three.





The Railway, oil on canvas, 1873. 

Edouard Manet, 1832-1883, French.  National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC





Young Girl in Red Blouse, c.1919, oil on canvas. 

Chaim Soutine, 1893-1943, Russian active in France.  Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia





A Little Girl, 1887, oil on canvas. 

Cecilia Beaux, 1855-1942, American. Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia





Girl at a Window, 1957, oil on canvas. 

Balthus (Balthazar Klossowski), 1908-2001, French.  Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY





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Girl with a Hoop, 1885, oil on canvas. 

Auguste Renoir, 1841-1919, French.  National Museum of Art, Washington, DC







A Happy Day for Us, 2017. 

Henry Taylor, American born 1958.  Whitney Biennial 2017





Cecilia Beaux, Ernesta, Met, NY-1

Cecilia Beaux, Ernesta, Met, NY-2

Cecilia Beaux, Ernesta, Met, NY-4

Ernesta, oil on canvas, 1894.

Cecilia Beaux, 1855-1942, American. Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY 

A very skilled representation of the anxious anticipation of a little girl as she enters a room of adults.  She is holding her nanny’s hand. 

The thumb and forefinger of her other hand is in the classic position of our species when it is readying to swing and grab something:  in this case the skirt of her nanny when, turning round, she will bury her face in the skirt for sudden fear of the adults.







Little Girl in a Blue Armchair, oil on canvas, 1978. 

Mary Cassatt, 1844-1926, American.  National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC







Wee Maureen, 1926, oil on canvas.

Robert Henri, 1865-1925, American.  Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia






Girl Children, 1964, etching. 

Bettye Saar, American born 1926. MOMA, NY






Honey of the Hymettus, 1891, oil on canvas. 

Sarah Paxton Ball Dodson, 1847-1906, American.  Philadelphia Art Museum







Luzanna (Lousuanna Lujan) and Her Sisters, 1920, oil on canvas. 

Walter Ufer, 1876-1936, American.  Baltimore Museum of Art




The Two Sisters, oil on canvas, c. 1769-1770. 

Jean Honore Fragonard, 1732-1806, French.  Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY








The Young Amphibians, 1903, oil on canvas.

  Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida, 1863-1923, Spanish. Philadelphia Art Museum



For just a bit………..


The Experiment, 2012, polyester resin, glass fiber, acrylic paint, glass eyes, human hair, wood, lacquer, mirror, metal parts, and leather. 

Michael Elmgreen, born 1961, Denmark & Ingar Dragset, born 1969, Norway.  Loaned by a private collection to the Metropolitan Museum, NY in 2018





Mary Jane, 2008.  Noah Davis, 1983-2018, American.  Estate of the artist.  Photo from the web. 

The shoes are called Mary Janes.







Jungle Tales, oil on canvas, 1895. 

James Jebusa Shannon, 1862-1923, American.  Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY







Round Dance, 1909, oil on canvas. 

Emil Nolde, 1867-1956, German.  National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC





Black Girl Dragging White Girl, 1992, oil and charcoal on canvas. 

Kim Dingle, American born 1952.  Corcoran Collection at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC




Young Girl, oil on canvas, 1912. 

Jacques Villon (Gaston Duchamp), 1875-1963.  Philadelphia Art Museum







Girl Arranging Her Hair, 1886, oil on canvas. 

Mary Cassatt, 1844-1926, American.  National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC



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Bertele as a Blossoming Bouquet, Sideshow Portrait, 1947, oil, sand and plaster on canvas. 

Jean Dubuffet, 1901-1985, French.  National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC




Interior with a Young Girl (Reading Reading), 1905-06. 

Henri Matisse, 1869-1954, French.  ?MOMA, NY







Untitled, 1960, oil on canvas. 

Eva Hesse,  1936-1970, American born Germany.  MOMA, NY

This is believed to be a representation of the extreme anxiety the artist felt on leaving her native city, Hamburg on one of the last kindertransport.  At two she relocated to Amsterdam and at three to New York.  






The Lesson, oil on canvas, 1926. 

Pierre Bonnard, 1867-1947, French.  Baltimore Museum of Art








Soap Bubbles, 1959, oil on canvas. 

Thomas Couture, 1815-1879, French.  Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY






The Amusements of a Young Girl, 1915, oil on canvas. 

Giorgio de Chirico, 1888-1978, Italian born Greece.  MOMA, New York




Lise Sewing, 1867-68, oil on canvas. 

Auguste Renoir, 1841-1919, French.  Dallas Museum of Art on loan to the National Gallery, Washington, DC in 2017.







Children and cat, 1909, oil on canvas.

  Pierre Bonnard, 1867-1947, French.  Phillips Collection, Washington, DC






Tanis (the artist’s daughter), 1915, oil on canvas. 

Daniel Garber, 1880-1958, American.  Philadelphia Art Museum





American Girl, 2015, oil, wax, paper collage on canvas. 

Perky Edgerton, American born 1953. Loaned by the Gross McCleaf Gallery to a juried exhibition at the Woodmere Art Museum in Philadelphia in 2018.

The artist is commenting on the liveliness of a Mexican-American community of her acquaintance;  and on the skill with which its young people navigate their two cultures.








Seer (Alice II), 2005, cast iron. 

Kiki Smith, American born 1954.  National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC






The Little Dancer, executed in wax 1878-81, in bronze after 1922.

Edgar Degas,1834-1917, French.  Philadelphia Art Museum






Girl Ballerina, 2007, mannequin, Dutch wax-printed cotton textile and antique flintlock. 

Yinka Shonibare, British -Nigerian born 1962.  Private collection on loan to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2018





Saida, 1913 or 1920, oil on canvas. 

Kees Van Dongen, French born the Netherlands.  National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC






Puberty, 1894, oil on unprimed canvas.

Edvard Munch, 1863-1944, Norwegian.  Loaned by the Munch Museum, Oslo to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY in 2018.  One of three such paintings.





Child Bride, 2001, 2-colour lino cut on Somerset paper. 

 Judith Schaechter, born 1961, American.  Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia