The Butterflies in our Stomachs have begun Flying in Formation again



American People Series #18:  The Flag is Bleeding, 1967, oil paint on canvas. 

Faith Ringgold, American born 1930.  Private loan to Brooklyn Museum, NY in 2018/19





Even knowing that a polity with the economic and racial inequality of the United States and with a foreign policy which is not about diminishing the economic inequality in the world


is playing with the anti-democratic fire which almost set light on January 6, 2021 to the Congress of the United States, 




President Trump Becomes a Wonder Woman, Unifies the Country and Fights Rocket Man, 2017, acrylic on canvas. 

 Peter Saul, American born 1954. Loaned by a private party to the New Museum, NY in 2020




We can feel that the butterflies in our stomachs have begun again flying in formation in that our fears have lessened even if we will always be somewhat afraid….




Donald Trump in Florida, 2017, acrylic on canvas. 

Peter Saul, American born 1954. Private loan to the New Museum, NY in 2020




And this because Donald Trump has just twelve hours to run in power.  Even if his destructive philosophy will linger… 





Abstract Expressionist Portrait of Donald Trump, 2018.

Peter Saul, American born 1954. Private loan to the New Museum, NY in 2020




A philosophy which justified the keeping of power by undemocratic means under cover of lies and racism and macho bravado and bombast and bluster.




Traditional Hang Up (Containment Series), 1969, mixed media. 

John Outterbridge, 1933-2020, American.  Private collection on loan to Brooklyn Museum, NY in 2018/19 

In memoriam





while the number of dead from Covid 19 climbed (on January 19, 2021) to 400,000 on his watch.




Seen in a south Philadelphia doorway, November 2020