Autumn Roses, 2020



Rose Garden, Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

September 23, 2020



The most scenic route down to the Rose Garden is along a sloping path edged with logs under the deep shade of yew and Tulip poplar. 

Even though, much less is in bloom in Autumn, there is still a sizeable number of roses still in bloom.





The Rose Garden in June and July



The Rose Garden on September 23, 2020




As you take the path down to the Garden, before you can see the rose bushes, you smell the fragrance of roses  through the branches of conifers and over the massed leaves of hardy begonia with their flowers in bloom in Autumn.







A reminder of Covid in a nest, now abandoned, not four foot above ground in the crux of two yew branches, built when nobody was visiting. 




and through a diamond-shaped opening into the Rose Garden full of light and colour.







A rectangle separated from the park by a wall, in part stone, in part masonry in part a trellis.  A gazebo on the edge of the garden.



climbing plumbago on a stone wall




A sun dial, erect and somber, provides a counterpoint to the exuberance of the plants. Fountain water soothes the ears.






The roses are interplanted with shrubs and flowers, many in bloom at this time of year



Anise hyssop










Sea Foam


White Queen Elizabeth


Pink Queen Elizabeth


A white Queen Elizabeth showing its pink variant


Sceptered Isle


St. Swithun (an Austin hybrid)


Leander (an Austin hybrid)


Winter Sunset




Crown Princess Margaretta


Wenlock (an Austin hybrid) come to its last blooms for the year



English Garden (an Austin hybrid)



The last bud of Kashmir


Purple Rain


Chrysler Imperial



Sweet Pea Rose


Coral Drift


Home Run



Blushing Knockout


Ruby Meidiland