I asked myself: Are you a Matisse?


Pot of Geranium, 1912, oil on linen.

Henri Matisse, 1869-1954, French.  National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC




as bold, innovative, focused? 


That is because I overwintered geraniums of which this is the first to flower before I took the plants outside to Spring sunshine and Spring soil.




Geranium in a Philadelphia window, April 2020



Yes, came the Trump voice in my head (we have the voice in our head with all the sneers and intonations after 3 and a half years of the voice).


You are more brilliant, was the answer.  You are the greatest. 


Who the hell is Matisse, anyway? Who needs him? 

Is there anyone here who needs a Matisse? 

Speak up………..See it’s all silence here. Like I said.











3 thoughts on “I asked myself: Are you a Matisse?

  1. I love it. But of course you are the Matisse replacement we have all been looking for!!!!
    Oh, it is soooo bad, Sarah. ONLY humour will help us out-survive the man and his machinations. Oh, and, of course, the lessons of art.

    1. Sometimes I even feel orange-faced, Susannah! I’m sure you do, too!

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