3 thoughts on “The Autumn Sun, Harpooned, Sliced and Rolled on the Ground for Winter Comfort

  1. Chez moi aussi j’ai vu ces balles de foin.
    Mais c’était il y a un mois, l’herbe était si sèche que la moindre étincelle aurait provoqué un incendie.

  2. Sarah,Your words are so beautiful.
    They set me sailing.
    & that you write WARM bales!
    A wonderful post
    For me-rapturous!

    1. I love the sight of baled hay. It really is, in a manner of speaking, a concentration of the sun. I like the old gold color of it, flecked with green and umber. It is the only agricultural produce that is left there in view for a while in the field and for most of us, townspeople, it is the only indication that harves time is here, I suppose!

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