Hood Canal in Washington State is a body of water, a fjord, which, with other such, make up the Salish Sea.


One evening, we watched the dusk descend.  I wish I could say that I have never seen anything so beautiful. 


But of course, I have.  I can’t even prioritize the places and people I have seen for their beauty. 


But if a gun were pressed to my temple and I was told:  Choose one, I would have to say………


No………..Shoot me, because I cannot choose. 


And why are you narrowing down my world?  For the whole earth is mine and thine……..




L'heure bleu 5
















L'heure bleu 4







L'heure bleu 3










L'heure bleu 8



Samuel Menashe, American, born 1925


















2 thoughts on “Dusk

  1. At dusk in the garden now the Brugmansia’s fragrance wafts and near permeates the whole street. Those who pass by stop,knowing they are changed.
    Tonight I rise with the cricket’s
    chorus.I carry great gratitude,Sarah,for having crossed paths with you. My life truly has become richer with your offerings.
    You give so generously and I receive with
    Your first image of dusk is deep & gorgeous.
    It makes me want to pour
    blue,blue black inks across a very large glass palette,maybe 5×7’.

    1. You are so wide and generous with your comments, Jane.

      I was thinking of my friend, Judy Brow, who, with her husband, took me up the West Coast and up to this wonderful place. She died in January.

      I was thinking also of Nancy Kienholz, the artist, who just died. West Coasters. With her husband among the most long-lived of the consciences of our country. Hard to see their pieces here and my photos of three of their pieces – the only ones I had – were destroyed in the mishap of my hard drive.

      I was thinking of them. Stay well, Jane. Sarah

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