England on My Tongue in Summer

I miss the puddings and desserts of England.

No pudding, no life if we want to be completely whimsical about it.  



Summer Pudding


Butter a pudding bowl

Line it with slices of soft white bread, no crusts, so that there are no gaps

Gently heat berries of any kind with a little water.  Sweeten as desired.  Reserve some berries and juice

Fill the pudding bowl

Cover with slices of soft white bread so that there are no gaps

Weight with a plate or something

Leave in the refrigerator overnight

Slide a knife gently between pudding and bowl

Unmould the pudding gently  by turning it upside down onto a plate

Eat cold with the reserved berries, juice and cream. Ice cream is good.  Clotted cream is outstanding.

So  good.





I use mulberries sometimes.

We have mulberry trees not as old as Philadelphia but not so young either.

We forage for mulberries at this time of year.  They have not been commercialized.







Sometimes I use Blackberry Whiskey adapted from a British recipe to make Summer Pudding



Easy to make but a year’s wait to taste…..

The recipe radically and deliciously alters the taste of all three constituents. The blackberries remain whole.



Blackberry Whiskey 2015-2



Blackberry Whiskey


Fill up a clean glass jar with blackberries up to the two-thirds mark

Pour in white sugar up to the half mark

Pour in whiskey (the cheapest) up to the rim

Close the jar tight.  Shake for a few days until the sugar is dissolved.

Store in a dark, cool place for a year.




Blackberry Whiskey 2015-3


Blackberry whiskey 2012 2013-1


We drink the whiskey in winter carefully because you forget that it is straight whiskey. 

The Bacchantes are exulting here. In winter there are always libations to Dionysos.














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    1. Merci! C’est tres Anglais surtout qu’on le mange avec le CLOTTED CREAM. Je ne sais pas exactement comment le traduire en Francais: c’est les matieres grasses de la crème mais ce n’est pas ‘crème fraiche’. Absolutely delicious!

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