A boy cold-shoulders Aphrodite

A boy – could he have been 7? – called by his adult to look at Aphrodite, walked straight past her to a vitrine full of small Hellenistic masterpieces. 





Aphrodite Anadyomene (rising), marble, late 2nd century BC; thought to be from Rhodes.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY



There, hands in his pockets, his feet positioned in the manner of a ballet dancer, poised, he studied the figurines.


Aphrodite, pensive, inclines her head towards the boy and thinks:  ‘What race of people is this?’ 


The boy is one of the lucky ones, of course, to be so comfortable in a museum.  And this musuem full of wonders.








4 thoughts on “A boy cold-shoulders Aphrodite

  1. Un musée est un endroit où l’on doit aller souvent tout au long de sa vie.
    On ne voit pas les mêmes choses selon l’âge que l’on a.

    1. Oui. Je suis d’accord. Aussi il ya le grand Bourdieu et ce qu’il a dit de musees. Je siuis tres interesse au travail de votre ami qui mene des jeunes aux musees les weekends.

      Merci, Louis. Sarah

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