Spring is somewhat disturbed, this year, my heart

Spring is somewhat disturbed, this year, my heart 


WHEN lilacs are still in fiercesome bloom this late in May but not everywere




Lilacs on May 20, 2019



and yet WHEN an entire allee of lilacs – red, lilac, white, perhaps 48 bushes – has produced only a few heads of their fragrant flowers on only one bush and that was in mid-May




Lilac allee, Mt. Cuba, Delaware in mid-May



and WHEN some azaleas are hanging by a thread, life draining, bleached, when they are ususally in full bloom until the end of May




Azaleas, Winterthur, Delaware in mid-May



while the faded mottling of their deaths has already touched others, beautiful as it is






and WHEN some peonies have travelled in a matter of five days from a hearty bud to a flower, their hearts still in their womb, their flesh paper-thin and splotched with sepia, their lips crinkled, withered before they fully bloomed, smelling of decay








So much is drowning, I told a friend.

Erratic and too much rain and temperatures bouncing wildly. 

My nightmares have transferred themselves onto my hard-drive, I told him.   




National Gallery of Art cafeteria, Washington, DC



And why are there two suns in the sky? I asked him





National Gallery of Art cafeteria, Washington, DC




He came to see me at once, bearing a gift.  He is not Greek and so I accepted, of course.





Amethyst interspersed with the Tears of Lord Shiva (Rudraksha) strung on Indian cotton 



Amethyst absorbs shock to the human body, he said. 

It is the sun and the moon, he said.  Not two suns. 

We don’t yet have the technology to transfer nightmares onto hard-drives without human intervention, he said. 


What did you do with Descartes? he asked.  Napping, is he?  Or has he become anxious like you and no longer completely rational?


We belong to a benighted species, he said.  Egocentric and short-sighted, addicted to shocking ourselves.

It isn’t Spring that is somewhat disturbed, he said.  But we.

Roll this onto your writst, he said. Natural processes adapt, he said. We too. Shall.









4 thoughts on “Spring is somewhat disturbed, this year, my heart

    1. Spring this year was one day warm and one week cold.

      My Siberian iris did not come into bloom. Almost the entire allee of lilacs at Mt. Cuba did not bloom. Behind them is a fence covered with varieties of native wisteria and their bloom was not so fulsome this year.

      The Brethren bring peaches to the farm market in Philly. Just about the entire first harvest was lost to this one day warm, one week cold of the Spring.

      The phrase of which I have a very great fear and dread is: failure to flourish. Whether of babies or of flora and fauna, the reasons are so varied and complicated, nobody can describe why. Just is. Sarah

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