A Call from Australia

I cannot add to a post which is not mine.  Nor would I want to.

And so I have reblogged the post which follows this one.  It is by David Redpath in Australia.


Stay with him.  

Individual action cannot resolve the problems about which he speaks.  They help. A little.  

Joint, mass and thoughtful action is what we are being called to. 

Difficult, I know…..But if not we, who? Even if we don’t know how. 



3 thoughts on “A Call from Australia

  1. Thank you, Sarah.
    We currently has the technology to solve
    most of this planet’s man-made problems.
    What is required is the collective will to act.
    There is a brilliant doco by Damon Ganesh,
    ‘2040’, that gives hope that if we comence
    rolling out the solutions now, despite the
    expense, the future is salvageable.

    1. I’ll track down ‘2040’. ….Damon Ganeau: I like how you slipped his name to that of the Remover of Obstacles.

      We are not doing well here in one of the great bellies of the beast. All eyes are on evolving AI which may have already evolved beyond human power to control or correct what it can do.

      But the US is not the only place in the world and the ideas and actions are coming from elsewhere. And thank you, David, for writing so well and colourfully about this. Sarah

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