The Faintest Touch





Young Lady in 1866, oil on canvas.  Edouard Manet, 1832-1883, French. Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY


The model who posed, naked, for Olympia in 1865, Victorine Meurent, to general scandal, is here in a demure silk dressing gown. You would expect her not to be pawed and fingered in that painting.

Here the museum notes that this painting is interpreted simply to depict the five senses. 

The parrot is proposed for hearing; and the monocle for both touch and sight. 


For touch, that is the faintest allusion.  It doesn’t rise to the level of our cousins, the Bonobos, does it? 


So now we can all invade every part of each other: eyes, hearing, privacy, political tendency, consumer record, minds, houses under Terrorism acts of one kind or another, our bodies by Airport x-ray………but we are in the long tradition of The Faintest Touch. 

Touch me –  any part of me – physically without my spoken assent in advance and I can have the law after you.  










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