6 thoughts on “The Wreath Bearer — David Redpath

    1. Grief is terrible to bear.

      David. But I liked very much that you were pointing to the way we make a heroic myth out of the revenge which justifies more violence. Delicate issue which you handled with flair! Thanks.

      1. Please let me be so bold as to encourage more trepidation, David, because people seem to be ready if not starved for an explanation of the mechanics of our madness. Without which we cannot halt the madness! And we are ready to stop it.

        Easy for me to say! Sarah

  1. I have faith in the future, Sarah.
    But since Cain and Abel, very little hope for the overriding goodness of my fellow man.
    Corruption and greed fill the crevices of all
    cultures. The rich are getting richer, at the
    expense of the poor.The climate is
    warming and territories are shrinking with
    the population increasing. Religion is being
    used as a weapon, in a fight for tribal
    survival. Food security will be the main
    problem, as we poison the land and kill
    the ocean. Then a mob will do what mobs always do when it’s got a hungry mouth to
    feed. Yes, I do believe that mankind is in
    desperate need of salvation.

  2. Sorry if that’s a bit depressing, Sarah,
    but I’m looking forty years into the future.
    With all the gathering ingredients of
    Armageddon. More the next generation’s
    problem, of our own making. And they’ll
    hate us for what has been done. But I do
    believe, once that cake has been baked,
    everything will be more than fine 😎

    “Truth is an arrow
    and the gate is narrow
    that is passes through
    He unreleased His power
    at an unknown hour
    that no one knew
    How long can I listen to
    the lies of prejudice ?
    How long can I stay drunk on fear
    out in the wilderness ?
    Can I cast it aside,
    all this loyalty and this pride ?
    Will I ever learn
    that there’ll be no peace,
    that the war won’t cease
    Until He returns?”
    ~ Bob Dylan

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