David Wagoner, American, born 1926



Cackling, smelling of camphor, crumbs of pink icing


Judith Schaechter 2015-41

An Invocation, 2009, stained glass, cut, sandblasted, engraved, painted, fired and held by copper foil. 

Judith Schaechter, American, born 1961.  On show at the Arts League, Philadelphia in 2015.


Invocation:  to call in.

The muse is about interiority. 

  Inside and outside the muse, the poet is looking at us and waiting for the muse.

  The two are intertwined and the muse is entirely holding the poet up.

On either side pathways through our natural world: not horizontally but vertically because it is that upwards which requires the muse.



Clinging to her lips, her lipstick smeared


Judith Schaechter 2015-48


Halfway around her neck, her cracked teeth bristling


Judith Schaechter 2015-44

With bloody splinters, she leans over my shoulder.


Judith Schaechter 2015-45


Judith Schaechter 2015-43





Oh my only hope,  my lost dumbfounding baggage,


Judith Schaechter 2015-47

My gristle-breasted, slack-jawed zealot, kiss me again.


Judith Schaechter 2015-41