You Want It Darker, released 2016.  Leonard Cohen, 1934-2016, Canadian



Great Indian Fruit Bat (Pteropus Giganteus), 1777-1782, pencil, ink and opaque watercolour on paper, and details. 

Attributed to a follower of Bhawani Das.  Calcutta, India.  Metropolitan Museum, NY. 


The Greater Indian Flying Fox is an habitué of the light/dark boundary of our universe, minuscule and immense. 

Classified by the Indian Government as vermin, it is held sacred by some Indian populations.

A flying mammal, its nutrition is ripe and overripe fruit and nectar.  It is meat and medicine for some populations.

  It is polygynandrous; and continually threatened for its survival by the removal of its habitat.











3 thoughts on “Light/Dark

    1. Thanks, Trish. This relatively small image is so striking that it dominates everything in the room it is in which contains a vast vitrine of a wondrous Indian textile among other goodies. Sarah

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