Picasso and Matisse greet Josephine at the New Year

Josephine Unglaub creates images which draw on memories, fears, desires, pleasures; on real things and on mindscape.  I know no more about her than this: she is a photographic artist and artisan living in Europe.  She creates redolent and resonant images.


She told us at Christmastime that she was taking a break and would be posting next on the 13th.  So we waited.


On the 11th, we went to the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia. There were Matisse and Picasso also waiting for Josephine.

They, of course, are the among the great forerunners, the people who pointed to possible ways and means. 

They planted the goat in her mind.


The goat is, among other things in the long history of Sapiens,  the creature which represents lust, the joy and power of sex and the urge to procreate, to live with passion and pleasure. To survive. 


On the 13th, Josephine posted this image.


‘Precipice’:  digital art with collage, 2019.  Joseph R. Unglaub posted on her blog https://lemanshots.wordpress.com/



Josephine’s image she has entitled ‘Precipice’.  A far cry from the idyllic scenes of Picasso and Matisse which were painted within a year of each other in the first decade of the 20th century.  So much hope there was then.


But now we are in dire times and the title is apt.

We are on a precipice but we have not yet gone over. 

Josephine knew to accompany her human figures with one of Sapiens’ great symbols of the will to life. 

Fish also appear in her image.  But then we came out of the water and may well be going back into it if the seas keep rising.


Girl with a Goat (La Jeune fille à la chèvre)

Girl with a Goat, 1906, oil on canvas.  Pablo Picasso,  1881-1973, Spanish.  Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia



I post this in gratefulness that our artistic tradition is transmitted in this mysterious way.  Because art and artisanal work of all kinds are essential to our sanity.




Matisse The Joy of Life 1904-05-1

La Bonheur de Vivre, 1904-1905, oil on canvas.  Henri Matisse, 1869-1954.  The Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia 

Three goats are browsing in the mid-lower right of the canvas.



And to Josephine Unglaub, of course, I add my best wishes for this new year along with those already transmitted to her by Matisse and Picasso!  May she go on creating these images to keep us imagining from month to month!






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