Hope for the New Year, 1981, 2019



For the New Year, 1981

 Denise Levertov, British, 1923-1997



PhJuly2018 167


I have a small grain of hope–





Detail of Ice Drawing, 2012, installation consisting of video (color, silent, projected through structure) and structure with metal armature and hanging crystals. Joan Jonas, American born 1936.

Loaned by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston to MOMA, NY in 2018



one small crystal that gleams




PhJuly2018 164

As above



clear colors out of transparency.




As above


I need more.





As above



I break off a fragment to send you.




As above



Please take this grain of hope so that mine won’t shrink.



PhJuly2018 176



Please share your fragment so that yours will grow.





The Path through the Irises, 1914-1917, oil on canvas.  Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

The artist cultivated more than forty varieties of irises at his estate in Giverney.  ‘Generous’ the museum calls his planting schema with irises  ‘blurring the edges of gravel pathways.’




Only so, by division, will hope increase






As above



like a clump of irises, which will cease to flower unless





As above


you distribute the clustered roots, unlikely source–




As above



clumsy and earth-covered–




As above



of grace.





As above



As above









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