We did what with compassion?



Annunciation after Titian, 1973, oil on canvas.  Gerhardt Richter, German born 1932.  Hirshhorn Mueum, Washington, DC


The artist reproduces exactly a painting by Titian – Annunciation, 1559-1564  – which he has then blurred. Titian’s Annunciation is so well known and so often reproduced that Richter suggests it is no longer seen for what it is. 

  A rendition of the loss of a large part of the religious foundation of Western civilization, without any equivalent replacement.

Spiritual values which had enspirited the private and public lives of citizens have receded.



Compassion (Man in Bondage), 1940, tempera on newsprint (Los Angeles Times).  Alfredo Ramos Martinez, 1871-1946, Mexican.  Private collection loaned to the Philadelphia Art Museum in 2016 for an exhibition about the art of the Mexican Revolution. 


The artist has connected this image with advertising for jobs in the Los Angeles Times of the day.














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