Late Summer Interiors


Late summer. The best light. Golden, slanted, warm.





Last Fourth, 2017.  Hope Gangloff, American portraitist born 1974

The artist’s husband, the painter Benjamin Degen, relaxing in summer on a windowsill of their bedroom.





Cape Cod Morning, 1950, oil on canvas.  Edward Hopper, 1882, 1967, American.  Smithsonian Museum of American Art, Washington DC





A Woman in the Sun, 1961, oil on linen. Edward Hopper, 1882-1967.  Whitney Museum of N. American Art, New York




Nude on Couch, 1924-26, oil on canvas, and detail.  Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 1880-1938, German. Philadelphia Art Museum

In memoriam





Girl in a Room, 1958, oil on canvas, and detail.  Richard Diebenkorn, 1922-1993.  National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC





Alexandria, 2015, oil on canvas.  Jennifer Packer, American born 1984





An image included in an exhibition of the work of Keith Smith, American born 1935, at the Philadelphia Art Museum in 2018.  I believe this is an inkjet print included in one of the artist’s celebrated books.





Nude Studio Door, oil on board.  Michael Doyle.  On display at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in 2017



Thread, 2012, acrylic, charcoal, pastel, color pencil and Xerox transfers on paper.   Njideka Akynyili Crosby, Nigerian born 1983.  I don’t know who owns this painting which came to auction in 2017



Frances Gallante Regina 2009, Woodmere May 2015-1Frances Gallante Regina 2009, Woodmere May 2015-2

Regina, 2009,oil on canvas.   Frances Gallante, 1957-2015, American.  Woodmere Museum of Art, Philadelphia





Dining Room on the Garden, 1934-35, oil on canvas.  Pierre Bonnard, 1867-1947, French.  Solomon R. Guggenheim, NY





Self-portrait with Albert, 1969, oil on linen.  Edith Neff, 1943-1995, American.  Woodmere Museum, Philadelphia




A painting of a girl looking out onto a landscape.

Girl Looking at Landscape, 1957, oil on canvas.   Richard Diebenkorn, 1922- 1993, American.  Whitney Museum of N. American Art







Details of The Floor Scrapers (Les raboteurs de parquet), 1876, oil on canvas.  .  Gustave Caillebotte, 1848-1894, French.  Loaned by the Musée d’Orsay, Paris to the Brooklyn Museum of Art in 2009.




Young Woman with a Lute, 1662-63, and detail, oil on canvas.  Johannes Vermeer, 1632-1675, Dutch. Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY



Ph050818-051Ph050818 052

Seated Woman, c. 1940, oil and charcoal on Masonite, and detail. Willem de Kooning, 1904-1997.  Philadelphia Art Museum




Interior with Woman at Piano, and detail, 1912, oil on canvas.  Arthur B. Carles, 1882-1952, American.  The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC




Sapiens, in English at least, will say that a room is ’empty’ when there is nothing in that room which he thinks has ‘agency’.  Sapiens, of course, being the supreme agent.




The Work Table, 1926, 1937, oil on canvas.  Pierre Bonnard, 1867-1947, French.  National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC




So the room is empty when there is simply sunlight on a curtain, spiders, flowers, lamps, mirrors…..Even a cat alone.




Interior with mobile, 1992, oil and magna on canvas.  Roy Lichtenstein, 1923-1997, American.  MOMA, NY



And the light in an ’empty’ room in late summer is wonderful where there is no Sapiens there to absorb the light and the attention….




Woods 1, 2005, one of at least 12 such paintings, oil on canvas.  Gerhardt Richter, German born 1932.  MOMA, NY





LG’s window, 2014, art on panel.  Aubrey Levinthal, MFA graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art 2011.  Loaned to PAFA by an art gallery in 2015





Greyhound on a windowsill in Greenville, Delaware, bronze,  unknown date before 2018.  André Harvey, 1941-2018, American.  Greenville, DE on the Brandywine in an old textile mill.



Interior of house, West Shokan, NY-17


Windows in an old farm house in West Shokan, Ulster County, NY.  With loving thanks 




The Dusty Bottle, 1924, oil on canvas.  N.C. Wyeth,  1882-1945, American.  Brandywine River Museum, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania






Simultaneous Windows (2nd Motif, 1st Part), 1912, oil on canvas, and detail.  Robert Delaunay, 1885-1941, French.  Solomon R. Guggenheim, NY







The Drawing Room of Lansdowne House, 1766-75 originally in London.  Designed b y Robert Adam, 1728-92, Scottish. Painted decoration and gilding were executed by Italian craftsmen.  Philadelphia Art Museum

Research a few years ago led to the repainting in this astonishingly daring colour scheme.  





Begonia, Longwood Gardens Conservatory, Pennsylvania, summer 2018.  Legacy of Pierre S. du Pont.





No 1. (Untitled), 1948, oil on canvas.  Mark Rothko, 1903-1970, American born Latvia.  MOMA, NY 

The artist had begun to move away from organic forms to an exploration of space, colour and scale.  A year later the artist migrated to Color Field painting.




Frances Gallante Yellow Tablecloth 2002, Woodmere May 2015-1

Yellow Tablecloth, 2002, oil on canvas. Frances Gallante, 1957-2015, American.  Woodmere Museum of Art, Philadelphia




Interior of house, West Shokan, NY-11

Bathroom in a house in West Shokan, Ulster County, NY.  With loving thanks.





Bathroom Window, oil on linen, 2017.   Martin Geiger, student at and on display at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2017



Self-Portrait in Blue Bathroom, London, from the Series on Sexual Dependency, 1980.  Nan Goldin, American born 1953.  The Jewish Museum, New York





Untitled, 1965, galvanized glass and Plexiglass.  Donald Judd, 1928-1994, American. National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC





Hortensia (Hydrangea), 1884, oil on canvas.  Ferdinand Khnopff, 1858-1921, Belgian.  Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY





Pansies, c. 1903, oil on paper mounted on paperboard, an detail.  Henri Matisse, 1869-1954.  Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY




sep132018 372sep132018 373

Pink Alert, and detail, 1966, acrylic on canvas.  Jules Olitski, 1922-2007, American born the Soviet Union. Corcoran Collection, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC





Iris and Iced Coffee, 1985, watercolour over graphite, with details.  Carolyn Brady, 1937-2005, American.  Baltimore Museum of Art

Photographic clarity in a medium difficult to work.




An uncaged bird, on the other hand, has agency because of the mess it could make flying into mirrors and soiling armchairs. 

A room with such  a bird would not be considered ’empty’ (in English).



Bird, rock crystal with gilded and rubies.  German, Nuremberg, 1580, with renovation.  Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

This bird saved itself from being caught and caged and losing its agency by screwing off its head quick, quick and laying it on the table….




Flowers and plants survive the autumn and winter absorbed into organic and inorganic objects.




Grandmother with Vase, 1998, ceramic. Viola Frey, 1933-2004, American.  Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia





An offer of transportation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY in 2009




Tiles, polychromed glazed earthenware with Persian-style flower motif.  William Frend de Morgan, 1839-1917, British.  Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington





Sunflower Quilting Bee at Arles, 1991, and detail.  Colour lithograph on paper.  Faith Ringgold, American born 1930.  Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia



Nicholas Cage, Soundsuit, Musuem of American Art, DC-1

Nicholas Cage, Soundsuit, Musuem of American Art, DC-3

Nicholas Cage, Soundsuit, Musuem of American Art, DC-6

Nicholas Cage, Soundsuit, Musuem of American Art, DC-2Nicholas Cage, Soundsuit, Musuem of American Art, DC-7

Soundsuit, 2005, mixed media. Nick Cave, American born 1959. Smithsonian Museum of American Art

The artist transforms discarded objects – lace and other textiles in this case – into a form of outerwear.

The artist thought of these originally as protective suits against the fate of Rodney King, 1965-2012, American, who was beaten in 1991 to within an inch of his life by officers of the Los Angeles Police Department after a high-speed chase.  53 people died in riots which followed the acquittal of the policemen.

The artist proposes these suits to mask identity.  He calls them soundsuits because of the noise made by the first one he ever created. 





Porcelain tureen made at the Vincennes Factory, afterwards at Sèvres, c. 1756.  Winterthur, Delaware




Marilyn, 1967, colour photo screenprint and colour screenprint.  Andy Warhol, 1928-1987, American.  Philadelphia Art Museum





Bedcurtain, cotton linen twill, embroidered with wool and silk, early 18th century.  Boston Museum of Fine Arts on loan to Winterthur, Delaware, 2016.



DSC09887Ph050818 006

Printed textile, 1947.  June Groff, 1903-1974, American.  Philadelphia Museum of Art




Plant jewellery, Philly Flowrer Show 2011-3Plant jewellery, Philly Flowrer Show 2011-1

Jewellery made from plants, Philadelphia Flower Show, 2009



Two of hundreds of designs woven in silk and wool in the late 1880s at Merton Abbey, the studio and home of William Morris, 1834-1896, British. 

With Matisse, one of the great survivors of flowering plants in winter!




And late Summer fruit:  apples and pears into October.  This year peaches until the end of September.  




Hydro Cell, 1918,  oil on cardboard.  John R. Covert, 1882-1960, American.  Philadelphia Museum of Art





Blessing the Melon (The Indians Bring the Harvest to Christian Mary for Her Blessing), c. 1918, oil on paperboard, and detail.  Marsden Hartley, 1877-1943, American.    Philadelphia Museum of Arts





Still Life with Apples and a Glass of Wine, oil on canvas.  Paul Cezanne, 1839-1906, French.  Philadelphia Museum of Art





Betsy’s Pumpkin, 1935, oil on canvas.  Carolyn Wyeth, 19019-1944.  Brandywine River Museum, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania




Still Life with Apples on a Pink Tablecloth, 1924, oil on canvas.  Henry Matisse, 1869-1954, French.  National Gallery of Art Washington, DC




Still Life with Aubergine, 1911, oil on canvas.  Henri Matisse, 1869-1954, French. MOMA, NY




Three Pears, oil on canvas, 1878/79.  Paul Cézanne, 1839-1906, French.  National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC





Three Peaches on a Plate, oil on paper on canvas, 1868.  Henri Fantin-Latour, 1836-1904, French.  National Museum of Art, Washington, DC




The chrysanthemums of early autumn




Chrysanthemums in the Garden at Petit-Gennevilliers, 1893, and detail.  Gustave Caillebotte, 1848-1894, French,  Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY



1862 Still LIfe with Chrysanthemums oil on canvas 46 x 55.6 cm Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA


Still life with Chrystanthemums, 1862, oil on canvas.  Henri Fantin-Latour , 1836 – 1904, French.  Philadelphia Art Museum





Mt. Pelee Chrysanthemum, 2019,  non-native, annual, Winterthur, Delaware.

2 thoughts on “Late Summer Interiors

  1. Magnifiques tableaux.
    L’affaire Rodney King a été importante dans ma vie.
    Je travaillais comme magasinier dans une entreprise qui vendait, entre autres, des caméras vidéos ( une nouveauté, à l’époque) et je me demandais si mon travail était socialement utile.
    C’est l’affaire Rodney King où quelqu’un a pu filmer l’agression commise par des policiers qui m’a convaincu que travailler dans un magasin qui vendait des caméras était un métier utile à la société.

    1. Tres interessant, Louis! C’est tout le monde qui a change pendant nos vies.

      En meme temps, le pouvoir a compris comment cacher de plus en plus les sources et les moyens de leur pouvoir!

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