Majority Rule

This unsubtle tableau I found on the lawn of the Hirschhorn Museum on the Mall in Washington DC.  Kind of between the Capitol Building where sits the US Federal legislature and the White House.


Politics is a contact sport and violent, it has been said.

There is a ‘core’ group. Bottom-heavy, slow-moving, dense creatures of significant power.

They are the elected politicians.

There are always individuals circling the core group.  Waiting for their main chance to get in. 

Totally self-absorbed until the polls  come in; or the media has revealed a scandal. 

Closely followed by communications experts and the spin cycle.



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Views of Last Conversion Piece, 1994-5, bronze.  Juan Munoz, 1953-2001, Spanish.  Hirshhorn Musuem, Washington, DC




The majority have designed and legislated to themselves big, oversize tools with which to stamp their will and enforce their decisions.

You comply. Generally.  Unless you are very rich and can pay not to.  There is a hook at the top:  the kind from which they hang meat.





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Views of Subcommittee, 1991, steel.  Tony Cragg, British born 1949.  Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, DC




The population is scattered.  Some are screaming with anger or outrage.  Some have closed up. Some have rolled right away and live on the margins.

A brightly coloured communications device overlooks and picks up everything.





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Views of Spatial Concept: Nature, bronze, 1959-60, cast 1965.  Lucio Fontina, Italian born Argentina, 1899-1968.  Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, DC





Your imagination runs to Orwellian paranoia, a friend said.


That is true. I am wary of the temporal powers set over us.


But between the complexity of our affairs and the ambitions of politicians, not to speak of the vast quantity of money washing through the democratic systems of some countries,  we don’t have a clue why things are decided this or that way. 

We simply don’t have a clue.  We the People.

Sometimes it is years later, with the work of historians, that we understand anything. 

And then it is far too late…….




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