Rare Earth

On June 10, 1886, Mount Tarawera on New Zealand’s North Island blew up.  All organic life was destroyed.


From the 1890s onwards the area has been reseeded by natural processes. Birds have followed.

Sapiens has restrained himself to the extent that  intervention has involved only the removal of non-native animal species classified as pests; the building of tourist facilities; and study.

This rare ecosystem is one of the few in which organic life is known to have re-established itself in an area of total devastation. 

Rare and wondrous earth.

This video was taken (on an iPhone 8) by my neighbour, Bob Fleisher, who visited Australia and New Zealand in the spring of this year.


One thought on “Rare Earth

  1. La Vie est extrêmement coriace, sous forme de bactéries elle est quasiment indestructible.
    Elle pourrait même résister aux touristes

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