Poodles in Paradise

Claire Huber, Masters of Fine Arts, 2018, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia 


The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) is the oldest such institution in the United States. 

Founded in 1805 by men who participated in the American Revolution, its stated aim was “to promote the cultivation of the Fine Arts by….exciting the efforts of artists, gradually to unfold, enlighten, and invigorate the talents of our Countrymen.”  (December 28, 1805, Academy Charter)

With programs both for Bachelor and Masters of Arts, it continues to do this.




Gated Community, 2018,oil on panel


They live in a gated community. Poodles.

Sometimes their fur is dyed to match the interior decor or the particular passion  of the moment of their owners.




Toy Poodle Carries Tennis Ball, 2018, oil on panel


They have been trained to behave like ‘dogs’. They are not wolves, after all.

They have a whole roster of appointments with people who keep their coats in ship shape, and manicure their nails. 

And, of course, as many visits to the vet as necessary to to make sure their insides are working properly. 

There are special vets who take care of their psychological health if they seem unhappy or begin acting out.



DSC0229775 degrees, 2018, oil on panel


Even when it is hot outside, they are expected to behave.



Spring Awakening, 2018, oil on panel



And a little friskiness in Springtime is to be expected. 

There are dog runs within the gated community.  Friskiness and sociability expected there.  Dog handlers walk the dogs there for dog dates.


And when they die, special pet cemeteries and canine death services are available. Ashes, if people prefer, in a variety of emotive containers.


It’s Poodle Paradise.

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