Apollo’s Golden Clubs

Golden club, Floating Arum, Never-wets, Tawkin (Orontiun Aquaticum) 


The single living species in its genus, its name is what remains of a notion that there is a plant similar to it growing in the Orontes River as it flows north through Syria on its way to the Mediterranean Sea.


An aquatic plant which is endemic in the entire Piedmont of the eastern US  (New York state to Kentucky), whence its multiplying names.  It blooms from April to June in pools, ponds, slow-moving waters. 


One of the earliest Spring-time pointers of the approach of the god Apollo, whose colour is yellow and whose archetype is as complex as that of the evolution of Sapiens.  



DSC00802Swamp Pink greeting Golden Club





Golden Club in late April and early May with a mass of tadpoles, Mt. Cuba, Hockessin, Delaware





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