Exhausted Man in Washington

Frustrated also.

And who can blame him?





Untitled (Big Man), 2000, pigmented polyester resin on fiberglass.  Ron Mueck, Australian, born 1958. 

Hirshhorn Museum, Washington DC


The museum says that the artist said that his model went to sit in a corner while he, the artist, tried to work out what exactly to do.  And so he made a model of his model just as he was sitting in the corner.  A little more offended and offensive than he really was, the artist says.

4 thoughts on “Exhausted Man in Washington

    1. I agree with you, Michael. This figure moves me every time I see him. I think his calm comes from his total acceptance of his situation. He really did go and sit in a corner while the artist decided how to portray him. The artist portrayed him as is, in the corner.

      Thanks for looking at my blog from time to time over the months. I know that you are an artist yourself. The universe be with you, Michael, because without artists many of us would have long gone straight out of our minds!

      1. Dear Sarah,
        I can’t speak for others, but without art at least I would have gone mad. It would be a pleasure to see you occasionally on my page.
        All the best

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