Pitcher plants (Saracenia): carnivorous and beautiful

These pitcher plants are native to a vast zone of north America. 

These grow around a body of water in Mt. Cuba, Hockessin, Delaware below sun flowers.




The colour and scent of the leaves of pitcher plants, the nectar secreted on their lips and slippery footing along internal, enticing alleys lure insects into their pitchers.  Which they consume. 

Just words, these.  But the biochemistry of these activities must be as staggering as the beauty of these plants.

All for these plants to die  in late Autumn at the same time as the sun flowers.

Their leaves and lips brown and the plants lie down and their beautiful striations become splotched like little red and brown suns. 

For the insects, you think:  how the mighty have fallen with their tall and beautiful towers all sparkling and flashing in sunlight…….





DSC03813DSC04291-1DSC04282DSC03799DSC04284-1Early autumn, Mt. Cuba, October 1, 2015-06DSC03828




Autumn 2015-09



The Autumn view from the location of the pitcher plants over the small lake in Mt. Cuba, Hockessin, Delaware

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