Angel’s Trumpet (Brugmansia)

Very far from its native lands in tropical south America where all of its species are thought to be extinct in the wild, Angel’s Trumpet shrubs are a perennial in Addis Ababa which has a subtropical climate and is located at 7,500 feet.  The bush with its spectacular blooms grows both in her gardens and in unclaimed and wild areas to which it has escaped.

I am happy, then, to have found these bushes in the Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia. 

Where they cannot be perennial because of the cold of winter and I take it that these, along with the palm tree, are protected in winter or overwintered indoors to astonish us every summer.












2 thoughts on “Angel’s Trumpet (Brugmansia)

    1. Still in bloom, I imagine! Right outside the little Victorian Fernery which Carl can pastelize .

      The disadvantages are that Sammy and Penuche are not allowed to see them and the price of entering the arboretum approaches that of museums.

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