People are lying to us so much

People are lying to us so much that at the Hirshhorn in Washington, DC, a gallery primarily funded by taxpayer money, fearful that Pinocchio would not be able to keep his head parallel because of the lengthening of his nose





the guardians of the art have raised Pinocchio’s head and hung it from a hook in a solid metal framework so that his noise can continues to grow without unbalancing him.




The lies are about everything and anything.  Or about anyone who falls out of favour.

One day we were told that they weren’t lies:  they are alternate facts. Pinocchio’s nose grew when he heard that.  It grew more when he heard that we are in a post-truth world now. 

The phrase ‘perception is reality’ has been turned inside out. We know what we perceive and we also know that it is a lie.  Perception is now lies. 

Lies are a malicious interpretation of any reality.  Usually.




The Nose, 1947, bronze, iron and twine.  Alberto Giacometti, 1901-1966.  National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC



This could be all a bad joke.  But it isn’t.  It’s a poison dripping into our lives. 

The consequence of the winning-is-everything philosophy. 

A hell.


2 thoughts on “People are lying to us so much

  1. Si c’était le nez du président Trump qui s’allongeait chaque fois qu’il dit un mensonge, je crois qu’il aurait du mal à marcher.
    Mais il ne faudrait pas trop l’accabler, tous les dirigeants font de même, la particularité de Trump est qu’il se moque que l’on dénonce ses “faits alternatifs”.

    1. Je suis d’accord. Je ne suis pas meme choquee par ‘les riens’ de votre president que je n’apprecie pas du tout.

      But, suddenly, we are feeling calmer. We realize now that we should not be surprised by what is going on here. It is nothing but the culmination of one of the greatest gifts (good and bad) of American civilization: its business culture. This is the way American business is. I worked for people like this president. I remember the years of my work with sadness. Why were we ever surprised that all this has now invaded our government?

      This, too, will pass!

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