Gujarati White

It is very hot.

I recall  from childhood- or this image could come from old British films in memory – men stepping out in white and cream linen trousers and jacket and boater, also cream.

I cannot remember in adulthood the last time I saw anyone in all white on a city street in the West.   Except if they are getting married. 

A coolant to bring to mind the white worn any and every day in Gujarat.




Silks in a range of whites and creams in a shop on CG Road in Ahmedabad, 2010



Kurtas for sale in Hansiba, a shop which displays and sells the embroidered and embellished clothing and housewares of the women of the Self-Employed Women’s Association, Ahmedabad, 2010



One of several temples in the Jain holy city, Palitana, Gujerat, 2010



Jain worshippers, Palitana, Gujerat, 2010



Jain nuns, Palitana, Gujerat, 2010 



A representation of Lord Shiva at the gate of his temple, Somnath, Gujerat, 2010



Ablutions at the temple of Lord Shiva, Somnath, Gujerat, 2010 




An offer of yoghurt to worshippers returning from the temple of Lord Krishna on the island of Bet Dwarka, Gujerat, 2010



A gathering of Gujeratis on an Ahmedabadi street, 2010




Two Gujeratis on a street in Ahmedabad, 2010



On an Ahmedabadi street, 2010



On an Ahmedabadi street, 2010. 

This man was the center of attention as soon as he appeared and I regretted that I was too culturally illiterate to know why.



An ascetic at the Jagurna Temple, Ahmedabad, 2008



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