Rain Light


Lotus plants 2015-07

 Waterlilies, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, NY


Rain Light

 from The Shadow of Sirius (2009)

W.S. Merwin, born 1929, American poet 




Rain Light, 1889, oil on canvas.  Vincent Van Gogh, 1853-1890, Dutch.  Philadelphia Museum of Art



All day the stars watch from long ago




Deep Sky, 1984, aquatints.  James Turrell, American light architect and artist, born 1943.  National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC



my mother said I am going now




Black Doorway I and detail, 1966, oil on canvas with object.  Elizabeth Osborne, American, born 1936.  On display in 2016 at the Wilmington Museum of Art


when you are alone you will be all right






Portrait of Maria Salviati with Giulia de Medici and detail, 1539, oil on canvas.  Jacopo da Pontormo, 1494-1556, Italian (Florence). 

Giuilia was left in the care of Maria Salviati when her father, Alessandro de Medici was assassinated.  The child’s apprehension is palpable. 

The paternal grandmother of Giulia was an African woman and this is thought to be the first portrait in the Western canon of someone of African descent. 

This portrait of Giuila was overpainted in the 19th century and was rediscovered and exposed in a 1937 cleaning. 



whether or not you know you will know




 Je t’aime no. VIII, oil on linen, 1957.  Robert Motherwell, 1915-1991, American.  Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington



look at the old house in the dawn rain





Bibemus and detail, 1894-95, oil on canvas.  Paul Cezanne, 1838-1906, French.  Solomon R. Guggenheim, NY



all the flowers are forms of water





Lake Télé, Republic of the Congo, 1998.  Photograph taken by Michael (Nick) Nichols, American.  On display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, summer 2017





 The Reflecting Pool at Winterthur, Delaware, June 2017


Lotus flowers, Mt. Cuba,  Hockessin, Delaware.  July 27, 2017


the sun reminds them through a white cloud



The Ashokan Reservoir July 2013-13

 The sun over the Ashokan Reservoir, Ulster County, New York, 2013.  We were always happy there.




touches the patchwork spread on the hill





Sertig Path (Davos, Switzerland), oil on canvas, 1937.  Ernst Ludwig   Kirchner, 1880-1938,   Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

The artist was recovering from a breakdown and this place was balm for him.




the washed colors of the afterlife





Landscape near Antwerp, 1906, oil on canvas.  Georges Braque, 1882-1963, French.  Solomon R. Guggenheim, NY



that lived there long before you were born




Detail of Landscape near Antwerp, 1906, oil on canvas.  Georges Braque, 1882-1963, French.  Solomon R. Guggenheim, NY



see how they wake without a question
even though the whole world is burning






A moment in the life of a sculpture – 1.8 – by Janet Echelman, born 1966, American.  The sculpture was made of knotted and braided fiber with programmable lighting and wind movement above printed textile flooring.  This sculpture made in 2015 was at the Renwick (Smithsonian Museum of American Art) in Washington DC in 2015.

The sculpture corresponded to the energy released across the Pacific Ocean during the Tohoku earthquake on March 11, 2011, an event so powerful that the earth shifted on its axis and the day was shortened by 1.8 millionth of a second.






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