Haven-Heaven….I have desired to go….

For Jean and Sharyn Augustson who liked nothing more than to go to their haven-heaven of a farm in Finger Lakes, NY and to give us of its bounty year after year.



Gerald Manley Hopkins, Anglican priest and poet, 1844-1889, British


A nun takes the veil



I have desired to go





Black Doorway 1 and details, 1966, oil on canvas with objects.  Elizabeth Osborne, born 1936, American. On display 2016/2017, Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington



St Mary 2, Philadelphia March 2010

Doors leading out of Old St. Mary’s, built in 1763, Philadelphia.  The second Roman Catholic church to be built in the city and at a time when Roman Catholic churches were not permitted to be built where the British ruled


Where springs not fail




Quarry Garden, Winterthur, Delaware.  Every summer the Japanese primrose are in bloom

To fields where flies no sharp and sided hail




Winterthur, Delaware, 2016

And a few lilies blow




Lily native to the eastern US.  West Shokan, New York



Oriental hybrid lily, Longwood Conservatory, Pennsylvania, Spring 2017


And I have asked to be


Flowers from Jean and Sharyn Augustson May 20 103 1

A gift of April lilacs set with tulips from the late Jean and the late Sharyn Augustson, the most generous of neighbours, in front of a coloured glass window from a parochial school in Philadelphia, installed 1930s

Where no storms come,




Doorway, 1450-1500, Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire, France. Philadelphia Art Museum

Where the green swells in the havens dumb




Garden, West Shokan, NY, before 2015

And out of the swing of the sea






Views of the meadow garden, Mt. Cuba, Hockessin, Delaware. Summer 2016

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  1. A gentle, gracious and kind offering to two departed neighbours. You have suggested all the beauty and natural settings where they must now be – in memory and in evolving transformation. Thank you for sharing

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