House of Fire (in memoriam James Rosenquist)


House of Fire, 1981, oil on canvas.  James Rosenquist, American, 1933 -2017.  Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY


Were someone to tell me that the artist,  James Rosenquist, had a well-researched appreciation of the way many women are and live because the circumstances of our lives are such that we are running all day long between this and that …………..



as though we are chased by tongues of fire, the same fire that was lit every morning when women rose before dawn and before the age of central heating,




and still light in many parts of the world in order to make the morning’s first food, trying always to look as though we are in control, at least of ourselves; with our lipsticks in perfect nick and our many colours always flying aloft in the world, the world’s many gorgeous colours;  while others make sure that there is a fire hose nearby:  just in case we burn up……………………


I would agree with that someone.

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